Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another attack of blog surfing sickness...

Are you like me, when you have things on your "I have to get _______ done!" is when blog surfing sickness strikes (BSS)? Well it happens to me. A lot! On my ironing board are the pieces that are cut out to zip off a baby gift before the fabric for the next christening gown arrives. Christening gown grandma wants the gown by Memorial Day weekend, so I know there will be many many attacks of BSS in the next FOUR AND A HALF weeks. I can do it, I can do it.
But anywhooooo in the midst of all the flurry over my seamless pleating tutorial (thank you kind, adoring fans) I have gotten hits from all over.
Well I am a nosy individual and like to know who is peering in the window so I will follow those hits thus taking me to new places never before visited. And we know how BSS works, you go to one place that links to another, that links to another and so on and so on, etc etc etc. You get the picture.
Well that was a long drawn out verbose way to saying "look what I found!" Jodie of Vintage RicRac has opened my eyes to an addiction that I didn't know existed. Selvages. Now I have used selvages and their awesome colorway dots to match floss but then tossed it aside like a bad habit. Jodie has made garments from it, a parasol, a tote bag and many other cool things. But the selvage dress....ohmygoodness. So cool. And so fun. Who knew? Just the type of project to throw my procrastination gene into overdrive. Think of the hours I could chop away at that FOUR and A HALF weeks playing with selvages.

This cute pattern is next up on the hit parade. Need to go pleat it, so I can smock a cute little Peter Rabbit on it. Baby Shower is May 3rd. Also need to buy a Peter Rabbit book to go with it. Isn't that a cute idea? On the baby shower invite it asked for classic children's literature to build a library for baby. If it weren't for the cg we know that this baby gift would not be complete before 10pm on May 2nd. But that won't be the case. Wanna bet I am still breaking a sweat to get it wrapped 30 minutes before the shower?


  1. LOL...BSS I know what my disease is...;-o Thanks for the excuses...I do believe all creative and caring people suffer from the 'I work much better under pressure syndrome...' I know I do you...;-) Karin

  2. LOL. You gave me a good laugh tonight. I love the internet, I hate the internet, I love the internet and I hate the internet. I can also so relate to the 10pm before deadline thing. It happens way too often in my life.
    I love the Michaela bubble. It is a favorite of mine.

  3. That selvedge dress is just incredible and what a lot of work. Thanks for the link. The bubble sounds darling.

  4. Ha ha Martha, so that is what it's called eh? That is how I found you! And I am with sewbusymor...I work better under pressure, too. Nothing like smocking until the wee hours before someone wants to wear the dress!


  5. Okay,
    So today I found out that not only do I have SADD (ask Bunny) but also BSS!!! I actually didn't go check out the selvedge dress, but only because I've seen it already - whew! Close call! That Peter Rabbit smocking plate is adorable! I've always loved that story. Can't wait to see the finished bubble.


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