Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let the embroidery begin! and 100 posts!

Have my fabric washed, dried, ironed, starched and the center panel traced. I traced while Peter Rabbit is hanging to dry


Think this baby is Irish? I also traced a few non obnoxious shamrocks on the yoke and some will go around the hem if time permits. I plan to use padded satin stitch, trailing, seed stitch, stem stitch, shadow work, lazy daisies, granitos and applique cord in this design.

To answer a question before I get asked...

Yes I do trace my embroidery with a blue wash out marker. NO I don't use pencil. For me pencil is evil. Yes I starched my fabric before tracing (about 6-8 layers), yes I used a #2 pencil, yes I have tried an Ultimate Marking pencil (Ultimate evil as far as I am concerned), yes I have used a #3 pencil. You want to know when and if you will want to commit hari kari? Spend 100+ hours on an embroidered panel and not have the *&#! pencil come out. No matter how long you soaked it or what you soaked it in. So no, I don't trace with pencil.

I use the blue marker by Clover. They have a fine point and a wide point point marker. The fine point is not a felt tip, it is something hard. So it makes a fine line and doesn't dry out as quickly as some others. I buy them by the 3's. If I keep the pen moving as I trace it doesn't bleed out into a fuzzy line either. Of course if I left it in one place I would have bleed lines.

Now there is one drawback to tracing in blue wash out marker. Watch your water glass! Don't ask how I know.

And HAPPY ONE HUNDRETH POST! How fitting that the first post introducing myself to blog land was about christening gowns as well? I am off now to gather threads and hoop the part(s) that need to be shadow worked first.


  1. Thanks for your insight on the blue marker...I have always been leery of using a marker...worried about bleeding or it not coming out. I'll give it a second thought, thanks to you!

  2. Oh, Martha. I know. I have had issues with pencil as well. I have better luck using blue lead, but still, unless it is covered it doesn't come out. The only reason that I don't like the wash away marker is that I can't see my work as clearly. But that is a small price to pay, right? Your design is lovely, and I can't wait to see it worked up!


  3. I use the blue marker when I need a line drawn. Steam irons make the line disappear like the glass of water.
    I am very anxious to see this Christening gown.

  4. I'm a pencil girl who feels like she is in the confessional here. (red face)I just have had ghosting issues with all those markers. Could be user error, though. I soak in Biz and use a toothbrush if necessary. So far no problems. Of course I mark extremely lightly.

  5. Happy 100 posts! I can't wait to see the new christening gown! Thank you for the blue marker info. I have a purple one and a white one, which I am in love with. I was thinking of getting a blue one so I do appreciate the info.


  6. Martha, any chance you could email me. I have a question for you having nothing to do with this post but I know you have an answer. I could not find an email for you. Mine is bunnypep at wildblue dot net

    Thanks and congrats on post 100!


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