Monday, May 26, 2008

Thank a Soldier

Memorial Day. No matter what your opinion about current, past or future conflicts that the United States may be engaged in, thank a soldier for your right to express it.

Thank you to my Soldier!


  1. Martha-- JD looked *so* handsome in his uniform!!! I *guess* I can see why you let hime "take you away" from Mobile!! LOL!! He is still so handsome!

    Glad you are getting to come down South for a few days, even if it's not to Mobile-- but the next time you come, just give me a yell, 'cause I'd love to see you, as I am, unfornutaley not going to convention this year.. .Boo-hoo!

    Ps-- I thank a soldier, whenever I see one, for their service to our country. We wouldn't have the great feedoms we do, if it weren't for them, so tell Jimmy Don I said thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

    Have fun stitchin' with Wendy!!

  2. PS-- excuse my spelling typo on the word "him"!


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