Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bees doin' it; birds doin' it....

So I guess I might too. Create a blog that is. Not really sure what I will do with a blog besides join the masses that have one. I enjoy reading other blogs so I figured "Why not?" The down side will be that it puts my poor grammar skills out there for the world to see. OUCH!

I plan to share my projects and perh
aps some knowledge along the way. Please bear with me as I learn how to post and format these pages.

I will post pictures of some of my passion.

This is one of the gowns I have done in recent years. It is smocked and hand embroidered. I love monograms on gowns with the intent that the gowns will become family heirlooms. This is a basic square yoke gown with an embroidered inset down the center. The embroidery took about 100 hours to complete. I loved every minute of it. My husband also had the privilege of baptizing the baby who wore this gown. What a blessing.

This gown was a challenge in that I had never made a gown with a rounded
T-yoke. I used Sarah Howard Stone's French Hand Sewing Vol II. I ended up unstitching the center panel three different times. Doesn't sound like much until you realize that the seams were all trimmed and roll and whipped by machine. That is a lot of teeny stitches to take out. But the result was worth it.

This last gown is my most recent. I am always on the lookout for "victims." This was for the first grandchild of a friend of mine. At first I was sad that this grandmother didn't want a lot of embroidery on the gown. I was quickly won over by the lusciousness of silk organza over silk batiste. What a dream to work on! It is not snow white but it is whiter than it appears here. Its more of a natural white. The bullions are done in pale pink.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some samples of my passion. Until the next time.

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