Saturday, May 24, 2008

Getting ready...

Not sure what is more fun, going or getting ready to go. I am busy pulling together stitching supplies, doing the last bit of laundry and packing so I can head south on Monday. I will be spending a couple of days with two of my daughters before I head to Avery Island to sit and stitch for five days. Below are the two projects we will be working on. Pulled thread with Mirella Arroyo and Fil TirĂ© with Wendy Schoen. Five days spent with fellow stitchers and a needle and thread. Just this side of heaven. In between stitching there should be time to walk among the live oaks, delight in the snowy egrets and spot a baby alligator or twelve. Avery Island is not only home to the McIlhenny family, founders of TABASCO® Sauce, it is also a wildlife sanctuary.

It will be good to see my girls, I may even get to meet the new fella that baby daughter is dating. Do you sometimes feel like you need a score card to keep up with your children some days? I sure do.

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