Thursday, June 5, 2008

Back home again

I am back home again. Had a wonderful 5 days on Avery Island and spent the rest of the time at my daughter's. Wendy Schoen's La Broderie Bayou was heavenly. Not only was the setting divine, but the company even better. Caught up with some old friends, met new friends all the while surrounded by beautiful garments, fabrics and threads. We won't even mention the wonderful meals prepared for us while staying at Marsh House on Avery Island. In the days ahead I hope to have my own day gowns finished. I am pretty far on the pink daygown taught by Mirella Arroyo. The blue gown with net darning is another story. I may be pulling blue linen threads for many weeks.


  1. Sigh...It all looks and sounds heavenly! :)

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