Friday, July 8, 2016

Quick Play Clothes

Just a quick bubble for play clothes for our littlest one. Her mother prefers her in pastels and white but I think LG will like it. Fabrics are from my stash. Pattern is a favorite, Children's Corner Taylor

Machine embroidered caterpillar from an etsy dealer, La Stitcher. Not a perfect match but close enough to please me. Piped in yellow. I altered the front to be able to have a solid yoke. No perfect science to this. I eyeballed a place that intersected the armhole, used a French curve to shape it, add 1/4" seam allowances and cut the lining from the original pattern piece.

No ruffles on the hiney, just something quick for her to play in the dirt and on the monkeybars.

What is on your machine?


  1. Love this, as I love all of your creations.

  2. There were the usual pale blue or white footed sleepers but without any motif on them or for the summer there were all in one romper suits but again the choice was limited. cash4clothesexpert bristol


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