Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Princess

A summer birthday calls for a breezy summer dress. And I hope this dress fits the bill.

I used Children's Corner Emily, View B. I like the shaped bodice but will admit attaching that skirt to the bodice is a challenge.  You pleat the skirt first then ease it onto the bodice. Next time, I am taking deeper pleats to reduce the amount needed to be eased onto that bodice.

I used a Swiss pique from the closet. I bought it has a precut from Bear Threads during market at SAGA Convention in Atlanta. A dream to work with. Comes out of the dryer needing very little ironing. The collar is Spechler-Vogel poly/cotton pique. A standard choice for collars for me. The dress and collar are  piped with pima cotton gingham.

All in all I like the dress, those few puckers drive me crazy but I'm going with it.  Its light, breezy and perfect for summer.

Happy Birthday to this sweet girl! Six going on thirteen. They grow up too fast but everyone is excited.

We are anxious to welcome our newest addition later in the year.


  1. Love this dress. I'm motivated now to move closer to top of my "to do" pile! And congratulations on the new addition!!!

  2. Very pretty. And the new baby is pink!

  3. Just love the floral/gingham combination, especially in red & white - so crisp! You have inspired me to make up that pattern, I have had it for....well, I wouldn't like to say how long, thanks for the heads-up about the pleats! Congratulations on the newest little miracle on-the-way!

  4. So happy to read your posts. They are inspiring me to get in the sewing room (once the oldest dd is off to college in a few weeks). Congrats on the new model to see for!

  5. Fun times!! and One more!! Congratulations!!

  6. Lovely dress, I'll be on the lookout for Bear Threads this fall at Market. I understand how the puckers drive you crazy, at least no one will notice.


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