Thursday, July 14, 2016

I Have Fallen and Can't Get up

Man down! When you barely touch something and bam to the floor it goes, pieces everywhere. The struggle is real. Your first instinct is to immediately order another. Then a shred of common sense intercedes with a whisper "Maybe it can be fixed?" Soooo off on the search into the cave known as the garage. Wood glue!

Sadie Stand is back on the job. Not much worse for the wear, She won't hold up a Mac truck but she can wear a toddler's dress. Whew. Though I do need to order a bigger sister for the two I have. :sniff sniff: Princess has outgrown the larger one that I have.

Keep stitchin',  faithful reader.


  1. Please share where you get them from ?? I keep thinking I need better than just the 'stick' stands Hank made...for better photo purposes!! Thanks Martha!!

    1. I bought the two I have from Jan when she closed. I have also seen them on Amazon for a reasonable price.

  2. Glad you could fix it. It really makes a beautiful presentation. And I love a good presentation!


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