Wednesday, March 9, 2016


This is the type of irritation I am dealing with. Went to pick up my blue marking pen and couldn't figure out why I couldn't lift it off of the ironing board. It had melted AND cooled to the iron resulting in the two becoming one. I had to reheat the iron to get it off. No wonder why it takes me three times as long to accomplish anything.

Here is what I am working on. Hurry, hurry the Easter Bunny is coming.


  1. Too similar we are!! But so glad to see you back on the blog..even if it is to point out frustrations!! Here's hoping we both get our Easter stitching done!! Karin

  2. Can I just say I'm so glad you're back?!?!? I've enjoyed your Facebook posts/pics so much, but I've really missed your blog. :D


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