Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Bunny has Come and Gone!

Do you see this poor tired bunny? That is this bunny right here! I mailed the little's Easter finery yesterday. Before I show them to you let me tell you a story-

I race into the UPS Store yesterday morning before a meeting, with not only Easter garments carefully wrapped but also a bag of "Easter Bunny" for momma to slip into their baskets. This is a UPS location very near my home and I will admit that I am there too often. Nothing against regular mail but sometimes I trust UPS more or let's be honest, on more than one occasion I have not had time to get the box ready myself and they will do it for me. All that being said, I walk in 👣👣👣

and the clerk who looks about as old as this sweet young man greets me with a warm hello followed up with "I bet you have Easter dresses that need to get there on time!" Said with a knowing smirk I might add. If I were his momma I might have washed his mouth out with soap! Don't go pointing out the obvious young man! I think I may have a reputation. Oh well someone has to don't you think? I will do this in a few posts but here is the first.

I had the crazy idea to make two sets of Easter outfits this year. Ones for Easter Bunny pics/Church and ones to wear for fun to school/daycare/Easter Egg Hunt. What the heck was I thinking?

I kind of know where the thought came from. Our SAGA chapter decided to do a Children's Corner pattern challenge using Lucy and/or Johnny and I wanted to participate. That is where this garment that started it all came from.  This is CC Lucy using a color block method I had seen on another website. The bunny appliqué is from Planet Appliqué.

My inspiration was these shorts came from The Beaufort Bonnet Company.  If my memory serves me right, big IF there, they have offered these in seersucker in the past. I went diving into the stash closet and came out with some seersucker and got to work. 

 I traced, chopped and added seam allowances to the front and back pieces and put them back together again. The biggest challenge was making sure I cut out corresponding mirrored pieces when cutting out the garment. Added piping, of course, covered buttons and we were good to go.

It fit to perfection. I made an 24 mos coupled with a purchased top from RagsLand.

Brother had an embroidered t-shirt to match (minus the bow) and a pair of CC Parker's Pants shorts. Judging by the loot in that basket, I think they had a good time.

Look for the big kid's outfits tomorrow.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, the only thing this bunny was missing was the eye cover. :)

  2. The tired bunny photo says it all. LOL

    We have Easter plus TWO birthdays this week, so I feel you pain. UPS has been my friend.

    1. Oh bless your heart. This early Easter can be a killer.

  3. Super cute, clever, fun and so very special. Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family!


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