Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Long Time Coming

There is a sense of accomplishment that comes when you finish a U.F.O. that has been lanquishing in the pile for quite some time, also known as FOUR years. I first started this sweet bishop to have some handwork when I went on my trip to Israel four years ago.

I was drawn to this plate because of one the few sewing regrets that I have. When my #2 daughter was a preschooler, I made her a sweet floral bishop. I was married to a 2nd Lt in the Air Force, that translates to not having two nickles to rub together. My mother sent me a piece of calico that had been aging in her stash for many years. I had never made a bishop nor had I been smocking for very long. I was determined to conquer it. I found this plate from my favorite heirloom shop for about $2.50, bought $.50 worth of floss and $1.50 worth of buttons. So I was into this dress for $4.50. In 1985 that was a lot of money for us. I finished it and my daughter LOVED it. Loved it so much that she would cry in front of the dryer until it was dry. She wore it 3-4 times a week. By the time she outgrew I was so. sick. of. that. dress! I threw it away. I know, what was I thinking? Oh how I wish I had kept that dress for Princess. So I pulled out the plate, found this piece of cherry print lawn in the closet and got ready to recreate the bishop.

I had a wonderful time, got the bishop smocked on the plane over and while I was there. Just had a few stitches to finish on the way home. When the worst stomach flu known to man struck. The flight between Tel-Aviv and Philadelphia was 15 hours that felt like 300. That dress had sat on the seat next to me all the way back as I got up and down between the airplane bathroom and my seat. All. Night. Long. It is understandable that I never wanted to see that dress again when I got home. So the bottom of the pile it lived for four long years. 

It now fits Little Girl. So I soldiered on to finish it. 

As I so often like to do, I used gingham for the neck binding, piping and cuffs. I have no idea what pattern I used. Looking at the sleeves I wonder if I used Gail Doane's Sew Cute Couture bishop.

And red buttons down the back.

It looks so sweet with her red shoes and great big red bow. She also has some grow room. I'm sure she is singing in this photo momma snapped with her phone. So get those UFO's out of the pile. You will be glad you did.


  1. Martha, I have some of that same little print lawn!! You have inspired me yet again. So precious and as with all UFO's..[even mine] great stories!! Hugs..Karin

  2. Sweet little bishop, love the UFO story.


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