Monday, January 6, 2014


This would be the guys in our yard. Record cold and one day snowfall. I even have snow drifts in my enclosed screened in porch. No matter the cold, my cozy old sweater and I are staying in. I love snow days. You get guilt free reasons to do nothing and go nowhere. I like to bake. Not sure why but on snow days I like to bake. Of course there would have to be groceries in the house in order to do that. We didn't make our "OHMYGODWEHAVETOGETBREADANDMILKBEFOREITSNOWS!" run on Saturday. They could be giving it away for free and I wouldn't go out today. Cooooold. I think I will sit and stitch instead. Have lots of UFO to finish as well as some projects on my plate. Downloading photos today to share the Christmas sewing that was done. Stay warm faithful reader.

Before we go....did you watch?

I sure did and loved every moment. Don't you love that little sailor bubble on Master George? My favorite Violetism of last night was

Love the Dowager. And Nanny West! "Harumph" is all I have to say about her!


  1. My goodness, don't go out! Too cold! Of course I watched, and loved it all.

  2. Yes. I did watch and loved it. BTW, we're also in a deep freeze where I am and the temperature change for today is a high of 42F down to -9F tonight. I tend to sew when I get stuck inside as I'm still full of Christmas goodies.

  3. I watched! And loved it! And it all made sense since I had just finished Season 3 on DVD an hour prior :-) Cold here, too. Yesterday was 43. Today, I don't know if it got out of single digits...


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