Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The 2nd Annual Christmas PJs

No these aren't the Christmas pjs from our house. I think there is even a limit to what I could ask. But wouldn't this be hysterical? No, I think more of a crime against humanity is a better description.

These are bit more tame. I used Children's Corner "Jane" for the nightgown and Children's Corner "Parker's Pants" for the pj pants. A purchased t shirt grabbed out of the dryer for the benefit of this photo.

I wasn't able to score fabric at the same killer price as last year's but cute all the same. 

Peanut had already departed with his teeny weeny pj pants before I was able to snap a good photo of them.This is the best I have, taken with my phone on the floor of my sewing room a few days before Christmas.

Merry Belated Christmas! This is not everyone. One son in law has already succumbed to the black plague (I think he was trying to get out of the photo personally) and five more adults would soon fall. Two had already come through and risen from the ashes, thank goodness or the kids would have been on their own. This moment was the healthiest anyone was for a few days. We are also missing the soon to be bride and groom. I hope you enjoyed our Griswold moment, onto bigger and better things in the new year.


  1. The group photo is impressive. And there were more!
    I think it is totally awesome that you make everyone Christmas pyjamas. I made myself a pair of bottoms this year and wear them with a purchased Tshirt, following your example. I used the most wonderful lace, probably really a piece of whitework.
    It is a shame your family came down with the dreaded lurgy instead of partying endlessly this time. Hope it was not too stressful. Hmmmm, strong cups of tea???

  2. Oh my gosh!!! How utterly adorable.

  3. Martha, these are adorable! What pattern do you use for the adult pjs? I want to make my boys some, because they live in them, but the Big 3 patterns look so full. I'm tempted to take apart a pair they already have, but then I would be killed. Thanks!

    1. Michelle, the patterns I used are listed here:


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