Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Say Goodbye to 2013

My mailbox has been full of "Where are you?" "How are you?" and "Are you coming back?" messages. My poor time management, limited time at this desktop and full on crazy for the holidays have kept me from blogging. I knew though I couldn't not ring out the old and in the new year without a year in review. As much for myself as you faithful reader.

Where have I been since I posted last wayyyyy back in November? Up to my neck in crazytown! Right after that last post, we sped down the highway again to celebrate our son's engagement. Yea to he and Allie. A wedding date of December 13, 2014 has been set. The coming year will have lots of sewing to share. Four flower girls and three ring bearers. LOTS of sewing to do. I can't wait.

Two weeks after the engagement celebration was Thanksgiving with half of the children home and three and half weeks after that was Christmas with three quarters of the family home. I heard everyone moaning about Christmas being too soon after Thanksgiving this year. Too. Soon. It wasn't just me. We won't even discuss the black plague that swept through this house at Christmas. It was so bad, we didn't even celebrate Christmas until the next day. I'm surprised there wasn't a black ribbon tacked to our door. It was bad news. I do have some Christmas sewing to share in the coming days.

I promise to try and be a better blogger with the new year. For now that year in review.

  • Five machine embroidered hand towels
  • Four machine embroidered napkins 
  • Four toddler bibs
  • Two smocked longalls
  • Two applique diaper sets
  • Two smocked Wee Care gowns
  • Two machine embroidered Trick or Treat bags
  • One smocked bishop
  • One machine  embroidered jacket
  • One ready to smock romper
  • One machine embroidered bubble
  • One machine embroidered shortall
  • One machine embroidered shorts set
  • One daygown
  • One machine embroidered CC Frannie w bloomers
  • One doll dress
  • One smocked bubble
  • One hand embroidered "Coming Home" daygown
  • One smocked CC Carol
  • Ten pajama pants
  • One nightgown
  • One Christening Gown!!
For a total of 45 items. Less than last year but if you consider 250 hours spent on the christening gown and add to that:
  • Three Sewing Schools
  • Two chapter sponsored workshops
  • Sixty Four days spent away from home which included four trips to Louisiana and one to Italy.
  • One home remodel that took three months and wayyyyy too much money
Then top it all off with the arrival of this precious guy:

It is amazing I had time to sew at all. I wish you a blessed, prosperous and productive New Year, faithful reader.


  1. You are amazing! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. Wowser!! Happy New Year dear Martha!! And all the best to you and yours!!

  4. Martha I so enjoyed sewing with you in New Orleans at Wendy's. I look forward to sewing with you in the future. Much happiness and health to you and yours for 2014 and way beyond.

  5. Happy New year! Did you sew the pj bottoms? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't :).

  6. Wow, that's truly impressive!
    Happy New Year!!


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