Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SAGA Convention 2012

The 2012 SAGA Convention has come to a close.  It was a wonderful time again this year. For me it is a toss up as to what is the best part of convention, the classes or the people. I get so much from both. I will share the convention info over the next few days. I would have liked to post while I was at convention but that was one of the few drawbacks, very little internet or phone access in the hotel.

After much deliberation I decided to take off for convention a day early. It was a wise decision. I have had the same roommates for several years, so we visited, chatted and generally caught up before the craziness of the week started. After an evening of visiting and cocktails we went to bed and slept until we woke up. That alone was worth the trip. After a leisurely day it was time for registration and the welcome reception. Let the fun begin! I must warn you, I was an awful roving reporter this year. I wore the camera more than I used it.

I didn't get one picture of the precious fashion show that Peanut Butter and Jelly Kids presented. Their vast collection of heirloom dresses were modeled by some adorable little girls. I was so enamored by the precious models, that I never thought to snap a photo. Sorry.

Thursday morning brought the first day of classes for me (I did not take either of the pre-day classes offered). I took a class from Debbie Ambrose called M'Lady's Embroidery Keep. It is a project case utilizing whitework techniques. Very enjoyable. I will admit it might be several weeks before it is finished. It has about 7,000 granitos. Okay, that could be a teeny exaggeration but not much of one.

After class it was time to head to the Design Show and Show and Share. Another favorite of mine. I love seeing what others have created. Such inspiration. I am always floored by the ideas that others have entered in the Design Show. The concept of "original design" is still very new for me. I am getting better but I have a long way to go. The variety was staggering, there were adult garments that were gorgeous, contemporary and wearable. (No overworked adult peasant dresses with 12 yards of fabric that no one needs to wear.) Also featured were accessories, church vestments as well as the expected children's garments. Each one more beautiful than the last. The breadth of techniques and materials used is always inspiring.

Show and Share was just as enjoyable. I entered the flower girl dress into Show and Share. I could have entered it into Design Show, IF I had known I would end up using an original design in time to enter, but alas I did not. I was told by a certain person with a distinct accent to get my **** together! Wise words. There is always next year. But.....

The "Amy Flowa Dwess" as Princess calls it, did win Viewer's Choice in Show and Share. That was a thrill. I love the dress but I am not sure I thought it would be a stand out nor did I enter it with an expectation of winning anything. Often the elaborate christening gowns are the ones that win Viewer's Choice. My intent was just to share it so I was very honored even if I have wondered if my friend's stuffed the ballot box. :)

Another component to Thursday evening's event was a tribute display to Australian Smocking and Embroidery. What a delight to see so many garments displayed that have been featured in the magazine. The display took up half the room. SAGA member's have been busy stitching the inspiration featured in AS&E's 25 year history. No, I did not take the cherry dress, it is busy being worn in another country these days by Princess.

My friend Rachel was the brain child behind the display. Good Job Rach! Here she is with AS&E editor, Susan O'Connor at the banquet Saturday night. I will get severely scolded for posting this picture but I'm not skeered of them. Besides, it is better to ask forgiveness than permission. I know the permission would NOT have been granted. Two beautiful and talented ladies I feel honored to also call friends.

That is all for today faithful reader, I have a baby boy's birthday to smock for. Keep stitching.


  1. Congratulations on your win!! I just love the name Amy Flowa Dwess! :)

  2. I think this is a lovely photo of two very special ladies... It was wonderful to see everyone again at SAGA. I wish it wasn't so long between chances. I had a blast!
    And the Amy Flowa Dwess needs to be is gorgeous!


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