Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Old Lace and...

No arsenic but I did use old lace for a garter for the bride. A friend very graciously sent me the directions from an old Creative Needle. I knew I had seen a garter published somewhere but I didn't have time to go hunting for the directions. I would have become too distracted as I thumbed through dozens of past issues. I needed to focus!

The directions called for joining three different laces and beading. How lucky am I? I found a lace in my stash that was made to look like two laces joined to either side of a beading. Badda bing, badda boom! Done. At first I proclaimed that I was NOT going to use silk satin ribbon. You see how that turned out. It just is so soft with such a wonderful lustre, how could you not use it? I made a rosette in the center that I attached with a vintage mother of pearl button.

I have enough lace left to use at the bottom of a future christening gown. The beading is threaded through with blue silk satin ribbon for "something blue".

Little did I know that the groom would gift the bride with a gorgeous necklace with a blue stone as a wedding gift.

I'll return soon with more wedding sewing.


  1. I know what you mean about the silk satin ribbon, it's so lovely. What issue of CN? I hope I have it, I need to make one, too, but not for several months.

  2. The garter is beautiful! Love the off white lace and the blue ribbon. And the button!

  3. Beautiful bride and beautiful accessories!!

  4. Love, love that lace! Just beautiful.


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