Sunday, October 7, 2012

For the Prince and Princess

The last of the wedding sewing. This is a close up of the bodice smocked for the Flower Girl. As mentioned before, I used fabric from the bride's gown. I was able to order it when I ordered the gown. The only glitch to that was, they didn't ship the fabric until they shipped the gown. Yikes! I can't guarantee I would have finished the dress any sooner, but I had good intentions. Oh well. All was finished before the bride walked down the aisle. I used an original design which is really a misnomer. I didn't use anything, I just sat down and started smocking! There was no plan, no sketch, no anything. I have a difficult time graphing a smocking design, so it does me no good to try and sketch it first. Plus I was under a time crunch, as usual.

Not sure you can see it in the picture, but the smocking is two step trellis diamonds that graduate in size as they progress down the bodice. At the bottom of the design is a border that was stitched to mimic lace. After several test runs, silk ribbon roses were decided upon.

For the pattern, I used "Powder Puff" from Australian Smocking and Embroidery, Issue #73. I made the size 24 months. Princess wears a size 3 in ready to wear, but the Australian pattern blocks run larger than our American sizing. A size 24 months was generous. I love the sweet little sleeve.

I also liked this pattern because it had more of an infant look to it with the high back yoke. She might be tall but she is just over two, so she is still a baby. I wanted her dress to reflect that. For the sash I used directions also from AS&E, "Princess Isabella" out of Issue 86. Since I couldn't find organdy that matched the fabric, I used ivory organza with white organdy sandwiched between the organza. Perfect color match. I did make a boo boo again in the fact that I ended up with two layers of organdy between the organza. That did make the sash bow a little unruly to deal with but it worked in the end. Wouldn't you know that in this picture the sash is perfectly even, not so much when the wiggly squirmy two year old went down the aisle. Oh well, she was precious no matter what her sash was doing.

The ring bearer's romper was also made from the same silk dupioni as the bride's gown, using Children's Corner "Wright". Next time though, I won't try a button-on romper on a ten month old that hates having clothes put on him! It was like trying to wrangle a greased pig. The bridal party is waiting for pictures and my daughter and I are working up a sweat, trying to get his clothes on him. Anyway.

The smocking design coordinates with the Flower Girl with the graduated trellis. Of course no silk ribbon roses for our little man, instead I threaded silk ribbon along the top as the design. I tried doing it at the bottom but the ribbon wouldn't behave the way I wanted it to; so scrap that idea.

The silk dupioni had a very soft hand so both garments are underlined with silk organza. The organza performed a two-fold job, not only did it give the fabric more body without stiffness, it also guarded against wrinkles. For "Hank dawilman" that was very important. I noticed somehow that the outer seam of the romper pants has come apart. Not the lining at all, just the outside for about a half an inch. I am not a bit surprised. The boy is on the move at all times. He was awfully cute though as his Uncle Ben carried him down the aisle.

The only other "wedding sewing" I did was to make a new ironing board cover. You don't start sewing on champagne colored silk at $50/yard with the nasty ironing board cover I had. I had visions of all of the unk that wouldn't come out transferring to the silk. And don't think I hadn't washed it, I had. Time and time again. "My name is Martha and I am a starch addict." Over time it will wreak havoc on an ironing board cover. Plus, I pin, hand sew, fray check, etc. etc. etc. over my ironing board. It was time for a new one! Now it is fresh and clean. Makes the whole room look cleaner.

I have bored you long enough faithful reader. I promise this will be the last post about the wedding. Well until professional pictures come in. Thanks to everyone who shared their pictures with me.

Onto convention!!! Can you say grown up girls slumber party? Until next time.


  1. Sooooo is Inspirations going to have some smocking in it? IF so, I believe this dress needs to be an article. It is gorgeous! Love the ironing board cover too. I made a CC Wright for my youngest son... yes it was a pain to put on him too. Your version is darling though.


  2. Wonderful dress and romper! They both looked absolutely adorable. I'll remember the tip about the underlining when I make my granddaughter's dress. I agree with you about the starch, I'm an addict, too.

  3. I am so glad you shared pics... love the flower girl dress! Bravo on all your creations!

  4. That smocking is divine. I love how you mixed and matched elements from lots of the AS&E patterns. So beautiful well done.

  5. Martha, I love being about to read the additional details about the dress and romper. You really are amazing, you know! Everything is SO beautiful! Glad you had a fresh ironing board cover on which to work!

  6. Fantastic beauty! I had wonderful dreams about this dress last night. Well done. Yes you should write an article about this.

  7. Martha, they are both absolutely gorgeous! Wow you are talented!!

  8. What treasures, Martha. You have done yourself proud, woman! I am sure these will be treasured through the generations.

  9. I love the romper and dress you made! Beautiful!

    Have you ever made the girl version of "wright?" I picked up the pattern on the clearance rack today and thought the girl version would be cute for my 22 month old this spring. If you have made the girl romper, I would love to see a picture! I am hesitant to make it since I have never seen a girl in a button on romper!

    1. Emily, No I never have made the girl version. I have done the boy one twice, but never the girl. I have done a button on skirt for a girl. It was for our daughter about 20 years. I think it would be adorable for a girl. Good luck.


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