Sunday, July 29, 2012

Could it Be?

Blessed Savior! It is raining! At first I thought I was awakened by thunder, no the sound I must have heard was the sucking noise the ground outside is making. My sidewalks have not been wet in weeks and weeks, except when the sprinkler was misplaced. There are actually small puddles in the street. My yard is the color of dry pasta. What a wonderful respite from this awful heat and drought we have been experiencing.

Another task that I expected to only take a few days turned into 10 days. Painting our master bed and bath. Geez Louis. Not an easy task with one good arm.

I am in this store so much I am considering adding them to the wedding guest list. I have to give a shout out to Strothkamp's. Wonderful, knowledgeable staff and hometown people who know their stuff! I have become a big fan of Benjamin Moore paints over the last couple of years. Those big box stores have gotten the last of my business when it comes to painting. It is so nice to walk in somewhere with a request or question and get an answer instead of a blank stare from a teenager there trying to earn spring break cash. (Not that there is anything wrong with teenagers getting a job or learning on the job.) Room is almost back together. Drapes go up today and the last of the debris taken away.

To top it all off, the bride is home as evidenced by the above boxes. She has two dress fittings this week. The salon shipped her dress to her out of state to save on sales tax. Not usually something that I would bother with, but a savings of more than a few hundred dollars was worth it this time. We need every extra penny. And for those who were concerned, she did find shoes. Not near the bank draining ones I thought she would come home with either.

She is home this week in order to cram as much wedding errands into seven days as possible as well as two bridal showers. It is a challenge with an out of town bride.

I'm sure this will be both of us by next Monday. That is all for now faithful reader. And in honor of the rain...


  1. I so agree with you about the paint. We've been going to Dunn-Edwards and they are marvelously knowledgeable about their products and painting.

    I wish you well on the wedding preparations. My sister is just getting into the mother of the bride mode.

  2. We learned the same paint lesson this spring. Never again Valspar from Lowes. Never!

  3. I have long been a Benjamin Moore paint fan. Welcome to the club!
    Yea for rain! As much as your area needed it, I am sure you don't even mind running wedding errands in it! Enjoy both the wet stuff and wedding stuff!

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  5. Agree with the Benjamin Moore fans, except I go to Reineke. Twenty years of faithful service. Keep on truckin' with that wedding "to do" list! Hope you get more done than you expected, wouldn't that be nice! I hate to tell you, but my flower girl dress skirt has diamonds AND a ribbon chevron as of an hour ago! Yay!

  6. Benjamin Moore. Always! Good luck with all the wedding activities.


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