Friday, August 10, 2012

The 4 F's and Wedding Cake Martinis!

Family, friends, food and flowers. That was the theme of this past weekend. Baby daughter had back to back bridal showers on Saturday and Sunday. It was a wonderful time to spend with those we knew and a chance to meet so many friends and family of the groom's side. And oh good golly miss molly, were those Wedding Cake Martinis delightful!

Recipe for a great weekend,

  • Menu cards that echoed the wedding invitations,

  • a staggering array of gifts over the two days,

  • more yummy food than the law should allow, and yet another signature cocktail. These were called Yellow Bird,

  • Some wonderful treats,

  • A blushing bride,

  • Finally, add in two moms who couldn't be prouder of the young couple. 

Mix all the ingredients together to yield a very grateful young lady, who doesn't often like being the center of attention, but was all smiles. Rumor even has it all of her thank-you notes are written. She does her momma proud.

You knew I had to break this one out eventually, FIFTY days and counting! Yikes!


  1. Memories.... Cherish them all.

  2. Oh, what fun and special moments for a beautiful bride, family and friends! Those martinis look divine, too!

  3. What a whirley wind life you are currently in!!


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