Friday, December 16, 2011

A Tale of Santa

We decided to try the Santa thing again. Here is how it went.


First I met some new friends that were also waiting to meet Santa. They seemed to be much more excited than I.


The stage was set. There were lots and lots of other kids there. I was taking it all in; the music, the trees, the kids, the chair, that man.

I am not so sure. Our turn is next, I am getting a little nervous.


Nope, I don't like him! Did you know that Mommies go to see Santa too?

I would rather just go to lunch! I think Mommy agrees.

That new kid they brought to live at our house is a traitor if you ask me. Not one peep of protest from him. He even seemed to enjoy it.


I am pooped! This Christmas thing will wear a girl out. Has anyone seen my shoe? Rumor has it, I was snoring. I think they are mistaken, Princesses don't snore.


  1. Love it! I never liked the fat guy in the red suit either!

  2. Absolutely precious! I'm sure it was just a ladylike snore. Poor little doll baby.

  3. Oh my stars...had to go find the depends...tears running down my face...Love the story. [especially that traitor kid]. Merry Christmas all!! Karin

  4. Precious, precious, precious!

    Congratulations on having your blog featured in the CB newsletter! Well deserved.

  5. I loved your running commentary. Maybe it is a good thing she is a little cautious of men in red suits.

    Those two are so cute!

  6. That made my literally laugh out loud! Good thing I had swallowed my tea. That last picture will be me on the 26th. No doubt.

  7. Oh Martha, a warning would be nice, spitting coffee here !!! Precious story, my DD Lisa was a June baby so about the same age when the second Christmas came around, she screamed bloody murder when we visited Santa, scared the poor old guy.

  8. One of my favorite pics of Michelle at that age has her sitting with a tear rolling down her cheek... love the traitor. :)

  9. This just made my day! When I am feeling crazed over the next few days I may just have to come and look at it again to look at all of her expressions:) Merry Christmas!


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