Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Smocking is complete, now on to construction. I love the lime green with it. As on the insert, I compressed the smocking design on the bishop as well. Princess might be a tall drink of water but she is still just a baby. She doesn't need smocking down her shoulders. I am off to block it and clear the sewing room so I can start constructing them both.

I think I need to start Christmas shopping. You don't think it is too early?

Parting Shots:

Baby Boy is almost 4 weeks old. Wow, how did that happen? He is looking more and more like his sister every day.

And Princess has decided to enter the realm of toddler. Last Friday she decided it was time to stop the knee thing walking we called stumpin'. We think she had to be practicing behind closed doors and no one knew. She just got up Friday and took off. She had never gotten up by herself before this. Now she does this for long periods of time, running laps.


  1. Oh, my, Baby Boy is so beautiful. What an angel!

    Your smocking is gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful smocking, beautiful baby boy. Way too early for Christmas shopping.

  3. Can't wait to see the finished projects... two cute babies! You have fun chasing your little ones!

  4. Beautiful smocking! Beautiful baby boy! I am in love with that walking girlie! Yes, she's been practicing when y'all weren't looking. Smocking down the shoulders of a bishop almost drives me insane! hahahahha

  5. For sure, she has been practicing! Oh my! That baby boy is precious....and does look just like his sister. Another shallow gene pool. gotta love it!

  6. My theory is now one day of shopping and then one day home to see! Keeps me sane...

  7. Oops! Please correct to "one day home to sew!"

  8. Guess her knees finally got sore, and she decided to give those precious little feet a try! Love it! Baby Hank is so sweet. Good luck with the construction and shopping. Not enough hours in the day, but everything will get done!


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