Thursday, August 25, 2011

To the Fair

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig;
Home again, home again, dancing a jig....

No, we didn't buy a pig, but we cheered them on while they raced!

The fair has come and gone.  We loaded up into the car went to the fair on Sunday, the last day, to both enjoy the fair and to pick up my chapter's fair entries.

The smocking division of the state fair had its most entries ever this year. Yay!! And even better, the Wee Care portion of the smocking division had the most it has ever had this year also. Double yay! It is great to see such great participation. As well as the inspiration. My daughter, the princess' mom, saw lots of things she would like to do or have Mimi do for baby girl.

I was very fortunate, the judges smiled kindly on my entries. I entered five items. Four of those were awarded blue ribbons. Two of the blue ribbons also received "Best of Show" for their divisions. The Best of Show entries were the baby's christening gown and my Old Fashioned Baby Circa 1920's French Handsewn Gown. The other two blue ribbons were the baby's coming home ensemble and her Christmas bishop.

My Wee Care gown? Nada, zip! Oh well. I received a lot of feedback though, which I appreciate. There weren't any critiques that weren't true, so I can't fuss too badly.

Baby girl had a good time I think except for the oppressive heat. Two weeks prior to this, when we drove over to deliver the entries, the weather was delightful. Last Sunday? Not so much. She does not do well in the heat. If we were outside, this is the most expressive she would get.

And don't even think she was getting close to those large animals!

Get her inside where it was cool and she perked right up! Here we are awaiting the draft horse competition.

This is not the best picture. You can't see how hard she is clutching my shirt, but you can see just how big a draft horse is compared to us regular folk! I'm 5'6" and I barely come to this horse's chin. She was overwhelmed to say the least, but they are magnificent animals.

Here they are after they were all dressed up and ready to strut their stuff.

So until next year....


  1. Congratulations! Beautiful work!
    Fairs are always so much fun!

  2. I had one who also had a tough time with the heat. I can sympathize. Congrats on all your ribbons. You deserved every one of them.

  3. Congratulations on your wins. I am in Canada and smocking isn't such a big thing up here. At our fair there is one smocking class and they do it just because I enter a few smocking outfits each year. Unfortunately I have no competition! It would be nice to have others who share my joy of smocking.

  4. I usually only have 1 other person as my competition. It would be awesome to have more entries! Congrats to you! I'm happy you got many ribbons and think of all the peole who got to see your stuff. You got to share with them.

  5. So glad to hear that smocking is alive and well at the Missouri State Fair! Congrats on your ribbons!
    I can so totally relate to baby girl's opinion of this summer's heat. She is darling in any temperature!

  6. I enter the fair every year. Our state (Utah) did away with the smocking division. My smocked dresses compete in the casual dress division. I have yet to win a purple ribbon so I am totally jealous of your two purple best of show ribbons.

  7. I just now saw this post but I'll comment anyway. Congratulations on all of your ribbons! Your dresses are marvelous and absolutely beautiful!

    I don't enter anything into our fairs (Orange County and LA County in Southern California) as I've heard too many horror stories of judges who just don't know what they are looking at. I don't need that at all! I wouldn't mind entering a contest where there was real competition, but it certainly isn't here in SoCal!


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