Sunday, August 7, 2011

Real Babies Wear Swiss

...while having a snack of cookies and juice. What I find comical is that Mimi has put a towel in the chair to protect the broken down chair but had not put a bib on the baby to protect her romper made from Swiss batiste and hand embroidered. She seems non-plussed by it all. I don't know if the cookies and juice came out of the romper,  I do know she was cool and comfy while having a snack in Mimi's sewing room.


  1. How fun... only at grandma's house!

  2. Cookies and juice are always better at Mimi's house, and especially in the sewing room! So sweet.

  3. Awe, cute !! I wouldn't expect your grands to wear anything but the best fabric.

  4. It is Mimi's job to let her do what mommy might not:)

  5. What a sweetie in that batiste romper!!! She is absolutely adorable...almost looks like she thinks she's getting away with something! LOL!!! Had to stop by because I knew you had a tutorial on Appliqued cord....I can't find my Margaret Pierce book that as far as I know is the only other "GOOD" source for this technique.


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