Monday, September 7, 2009

New blogs for inspiration

Don't know if you noticed on my blog list in the side bar but I added a couple of new blogs.

Jeannie Baumeister of the Old Fashioned Baby has a new blog. The Old Fashioned Baby Sewing Room. Jeannie also has been featured in Creative Needle (::sniff:: we still miss you.) and Sew Beautiful magazines. I love Jeannie's patterns and have had the privilege of taking several classes from her. I plan to take another one at the end of the month at SAGA convention. She may ban me from any future classes after I spend two days grousing about rolling and whipping by hand. I am not good at it, I hate the way mine looks and will admit that I don't hold out much hope that I can improve. But... I am going to give it another go. I was looking for a picture to post because as I told Jeannie, I can't write a post without a picture or several, and realized that I have completed four items from Jeannie's classes or patterns in the past year. Not bad I don't think.

The gown at the top was from this post.

This little onesie type bubble was from this post.

This little bonnet was a 10 year old class UFO from this post.

And Wally here was the baby gift I talked about here. I still love that little whale. Just makes me smile.

Another blog that has come on the horizon recently is Lulu and Annie by Gail Doane. Gail is the author of the recently published

as well as a sought after teacher and is featured in Australian Smocking and Embroidery often.

The little jacket above is featured in her book. Again I had the pleasure of taking this as a class at SAGA convention. It is made from wool blanketing and embroidered with bullion bunnies. I swear you use a ten penny nail to embroider those bunnies. I love this, they are so fun. I won't allow myself to put away the fabric I have ready to make a bishop to match. Love those little bunnies. And for all of its cuteness it really is quite quick. It takes longer to whip down the binding on this jacket than it does to cut it out, embroider it and construct. Lots of bang for your buck when it comes to time.

One of my favorite projects I have ever done, was this class with Gail, making a lace jacket and a pintucked dress. The dress and jacket were made for a friend's daughter. I loved every minute of this project. There are no bad lace combinations. As you can see from the below picture. And not all of the laces were expensive ones.

So please drop by and see these two great talents. Tell 'em the Southern Matriarch sent you. :)

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  1. Loved your comments on Gails little bunny jacket. I am embarking on this very jacket right now and had to order the needles as I had none that size!!! Check out my new blog if you would like to see mine when I finish it.


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