Saturday, September 5, 2009

The amazing work of others

by Dru Blair

I am in the midst of reveling in my clean sewing room. A clean sewing room does one of two things to me. One, it makes me want to get started on something immediately or two, it makes me want to do nothing but sit and enjoy the fact that you can see the horizontal surfaces, the floor is vacuumed and you don't risk bodily injury by walking in there. The chair is empty as well which means that the boys in my life have a place to sit when they come a hunting me.

So while taking a break between loads of laundry and gazing at my clean sewing room; I jumped online to check my email and to run through the regular stops on my "check it almost everyday" list. We all have those; they might be email, bank balance, favorite forum, favorite heirloom shops, my blog and other favorite blogs.

This is the path I took that led to the AMAZING painting above. Yes painting, NOT photograph.

The Deacon's Bench

which led me here,

The Toy Zone

and I ended up here

Dru Blair's Art of Technology

Amazing isn't it? This link will show the progress of the painting. And that is a brief lesson once again how blog surfing sickness strikes. But the things you find are truly worth the trip.

ps Have you gotten your IBOL ready yet?


  1. Wow. Amazing painting. I work alot in photoshop, and I have to ask a professional friend of mine about this. Even the pores, the light on her cheeks is so real. He is a fantastic artist.
    I clean my room after every project. The relief I get knowing that I can start pulling fabrics and trims and patterns is very fulfilling.

  2. Jeannine, I will refrain from calling you bad names. LOL I wish I were the type that cleaned up after every project. I'm just not.

    Is that picture not amazing. He talked about how he used an exacto knife and other things to get the skin texture. Amazing.

  3. That truly was amazing!

    And yes, my IBOL is in progress, to go out in the mail on Tuesday. SO FUN!!!

  4. Thanks goosegirl. I hope ou were able to get your IBOL together.

  5. My sewing room is clean right now, too. I had guests all weekend and had to get it clean because it doubles as a guest room. That's all about to change tomorrow, though. I've got to get started on Halloween costumes for the 5 grands!

  6. Oh Julia I would be sunk if my sewing room was a guest room. Its never clean enough for that. Instead of a 4 br house, I have a 3 br house with a sewing room.


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