Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Linen daygown part 2 of 100

Well I have been working on putting holes in perfectly good fabric as my husband calls drawn thread work. Which if you think about it is true, but I don't like to think of it that way.

You can see in the diamond on the right I am in the process of stitching the buttonhole border. (My needle is just parked there.) Then I will do the net darning on these two squares. Boo-boo'd around one of the diamonds pulling too far but I was able to reweave that tiny bit. Whew.

I have been working on "pairs" of diamonds so that if I do mess one up, I only have to adjust one other diamond instead of all of them. The next two I will work on are the two diamonds that will be opposite each other on the front. It is actually going faster than I expected. I will try to get a picture of just the threads drawn out, before I bundle the grid. The order of work on each diamond is, you mark it with the threads as seen in this post. Then you withdraw the threads to make your holes. Stay stitch around the diamond to help stabilize it. Next you bundle the remaining threads to make a grid. Buttonhole stitch around the edges, and last do the net darning. On all eight diamonds. It is not until all of that is done that you do the embroidery then construct the gown.


  1. Beautiful drawn work!!! I wish I lived close enough to get lessons from you on doing drawn work and embroidery. I love in Eat TN and we have no beautiful Spanish moss growing here, so I assume you are in southern GA, FL, AL, or Miss., or maybe Louisiana?

  2. Would I ever love spending an afternoon looking over your shoulder! Beautiful work.

  3. I too would love to live close enough to take lessons from you...that would be a dream come true for me. I sit and sigh deeply while reading and looking at your pictures...thanks for the eye candy, and amazing inspiration!


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