Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A finished UFO

How many UFO's do you have squirreled away thinking you don't have time to work on them? Well if you are like me you have dozens. And dozens. We were having TV service done today and they needed to get into my sewing room. AGGGHHHHHH, I forgot until this morning, so I was in there furiously trying to clear a path for the guy.

While there I unearthed this little pincushion project. All it needed was was to be stitched together because the silk ribbon embroidery had been completed ever since our SAGA chapter had a workshop with Jane Briscoe in the spring. How long did it take? 30 minutes exactly. I know this because I did it while I was on the phone, when I hung up the phone it told me I had been on the phone for 30 mintues. So even if you don't think you have time, try it. You will surprise yourself.

There are a few stitches I am not overly pleased with, but overall it is a sweet little pincushion. And now it is finished. Take that UFO pile!


  1. Oh, so cute! Yes, I'm often amazed by what I can accomplish sewing-wise in a very short amount of time. :)

  2. The pincushion is so lovely and feminine.

    As for time, I have been getting up around 5-5:30 AM lately and squeezing in an hour or so of sewing before starting my day. The only problem is I then don't want to start my day. I want to stay in my cave and keep sewing!

  3. This is so lovely! Just beautiful :)

  4. Oh my gosh, it's beautiful! You should do a tutorial on each of the stitches.

  5. If only I could uncover something that lovely in my sewing room!!!
    Simply beautiful!!!

  6. Yes I just found your blog from Laurie Anderson's (So Stitches)by way of Old Fashion Baby.

    Would you mind bringing this back out again and doing a photo step by step instructions of the darling Rosebud flowers with the green leaves? I have just done my first 2 buillion roses & Martha Pullen (my dear friend & mentor) says, I won't be happy with my buillions until I have done a 100. Well my precious 10 mo olg great niece will be a grandma by then. These rosebud will work great and they look just darling!!! Sure wish you lived in So Calif closer so I could sit at your feet and look over your shoulder when you stitch. Your work is beautiful!! I do know how to smock & pleat. You have inspired me to get back to it. Thanks
    Auntie Pam

  7. I have so many UFO's. I keep saying I will work on that when I retire. I would have to live for 150 years after retiring to finish everything. Oh well....dream on.


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