Sunday, March 8, 2009

Some stitching at last!

Okay folks. I have been HARANGUED because of my lack of blog posts lately. As I have whined before I am like a kindergartner, I like pictures with some words. And since I hadn't been sewing there was nothing to take a picture of. But I did sew some in the last few weeks, getting ready for our SAGA chapter's workshop. A friend and I share the task of preparing for our chapter workshops. I do the part I like and she does the part she likes. It works for us. She emails and makes phone calls. I do favors and little pressies. So for table favors I made some wool felt pincushions and ultra suede pattern weights. My personal preference is to keep the table favors sewing related for a sewing workshop.

Felt Pincushions by May Blossom

Are these cute or what??? And so much fun to do. I did all the tops and my girlfriend helped construct some. I got the e-pattern from May Blossom from Australia. I happened to have the wool felt and beads. They are filled with craft pellets and fiber fill. They looked cute on the tables but I forgot to take a picture of the tables. Brain wasn't fully there, what can I say?

Pattern Weights

At SAGA convention a few years ago, one of the table favors at a meal were pattern weights made from Ultrasuede. I love them! I rotary cut out almost everything so pattern weights are the way to go. These are heavy enough to stay put but light enough to be easy to use. Since I didn't have a pattern or supply list I had to unstitch one of the ones I had to figure out they were filled with BB's. Goes to show how of touch I am, I didn't even know they still made BB's or even where to buy them. I have to confess when I opened it, I didn't know what the little round balls were. Had to ask my husband. When he saw them sitting there he asked, "Where did you get the BB's?" Well FYI, you can get them at a sporting goods store. Maybe I will do a tutorial on how to make them in a couple of days. Right now I have to finish 40 smocked Easter Egg kits for an EGA chapter program on Tuesday. So I will have more pictures on Tuesday.


  1. OH my word! I love the pincushions and the weights. Please post a tut on the weights, I need some of those. You are so talented. I am so glad to see you post. I was tired of seeing that guy with the mask! :-)

    Love you!

  2. You're redneck son-in-law could have supplied you with bb's to your heart's content.

    Actually when we were discussing the things in our storage unit, the bb gun is what he is most looking forward to finding.

    Hick all the way to the bone.

  3. Love the pincushions!! Love them.. I bought those pretty pattern weights from Jeannie at SAGA. Not that I can find them under all the stuff on my cutting table that does not belong there..... bb's huh? I wonder if my supplier has those. I think it would be a good way to get rid of small scraps.

  4. Mom, as much as I love Mardi Gras it was time for something new, as it is almost time to drink the green beer! I love the pincushions, will you send me the pattern? Thanks! Have fun!

  5. Martha...I love the pincushions and the weights. I wish I could evolve to using the weights....but I seem to always do better with pins. I'd love to see a tutorial on them case I ever branch out. I can't believe you made so many of the pincushions and must have been working for weeks!!! Can't wait to see what you are up to next!!!

  6. I love everything! But especially the pin cushions! How do you cut the felt with such precision? Is it the scissors? the fact that it's wool felt? Inquiring minds need to know!

  7. Who is this Melissa chick calling you mom?

  8. I am so fortunate to have my own pincushion and pattern weights to treasure and use! They are truly beautiful, and a wonderful reminder of a few days of bliss! Thank you for a fabulous workshop!


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