Sunday, March 22, 2009

The look of determination

You know some people have lofty goals in life, they want to be President, or climb Mount Everest or run a marathon. Me? I just want to master this *&^% teeny tiny feather stitch that Jeannie Baumeister of the Old Fashioned Baby teaches! I had a goal once of mastering the biscuits my step father's mother made. I did that about 10 years ago. A worthy life long (I hadn't seen my step grandmother since I was about 14) goal. And now this one. I have a couple of UFO's that aren't finished simply because I can't get this antique double feather stitch. This is a hunk of scrap I picked up last night with the first floss I laid my hands on. I sat and studied the pictures in Jeannie's book and attempted this before I went to bed. Its not there yet but it is light years better than I have been able to do in the past. "My name is Martha and I am feather stitch challenged." I will get this if it is the end of me! Hopefully I will have pics of those UFO's soon with sweet teeny tiny feather stitching on them.


  1. This looks great to me. I love your little gowns and blankets!!

  2. Your stitches look beautiful, Martha. I find when doing this stitch that I have to mark my fabric, a lot. Otherwise I just can't pull them off very evenly.

  3. Um and your problem with this would be???? Me thinks you are much too hard on yourself ....

  4. I would have to agree with Robin.
    But I DO have to say, that taking a class with Jeanne really DID help me "see the light" when it came to the feather stitch. That was years ago, however, and I'm pretty sure I Have NOT retained that lesson!! sigh. Once I have grandchildren I'm going to have to re-take all those classes.
    Unfortunately, I doubt all those talented ladies still teach!

  5. And the problem is?? I too took Jeannie's class and have lost all information in the empty caldron of my mind. LOL I think Robin said it right...your stitching is more perfect than you realize. That said...I await your 'tutorial'...
    my double stitch is looking really poor...don't look..;-0

  6. Thanks guys, I admit it doesn't look too bad but I have been trying to "get" this for several years. I want it to be consistenly the same size both in length and width.
    Bunny I did mark a line but you can't see it in this picture and Karin you are going to be waiting a LONG time for a tutorial on this. :)


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