Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Okay I have gotten emails, and now comments on what a lackadaisical (how is that for a word) blogger I have been. Truth be told, I have been in kind of a funk. I haven't sewn much and I have taken even less pictures. I am like a first grader, I like pictures with my text. I guess that is why I was never very into the Wall Street Journal, not enough pictures.

And I am SO OVER winter. Like many I am usually the casual weather complainer but I am officially tired of the wet, cold, white and FRIGID. I used to scoff at those who traveled south for the winter, I am rethinking my position. Costa Rica is looking a good. Remind me of this when I am bemoaning the August heat.

Also this weekend is the last weekend of Mardi Gras, I always miss Mobile this time of year. The parades, the balls, the beads, the moon pies,

the marching bands,

the white tie and tails of costume de rigueur. And like most native Mobilians I will step right and let you know that Mardi Gras started in Mobile over 300 years ago. We're proud that way.

Here is a little tune, to let you get in the mood.

And to top it off, the azaleas will be blooming soon. So since we know I can't have text without picturesI added a few. Some are from the Mobile Press-Register and others from flickr.

Spring Hill College Chapel

So I will try to be more attentive, I did get back in the sewing room this week making some pre-constructed gowns for my daughter to smock for her friends. She took them with her before I could get a picture though. I used the same pattern that my local SAGA chapter is using for Wee Care gowns now. It gave her enough area to confidently smock without being overwhelming. Blue batiste with ecru lace and pink batiste without lace. Both pretty. Hopefully she will take a picture of them completed and I can show you.

I am off, I promise to be back soon. Delphi is having another sew up you stash so I should have lots to show for my time.


  1. Glad to see you post dear, I've missed you. Good to read about mardi gras, but come on I want some of your eye candy. Get busy, K? Oh, if you need a project I have one you can do. How about another lace jacket? :-) LOVE yer neck!

  2. "Throw Me Somethin', Mister"

    Wish I had a Moon Pie.

    Here's hug and hope that you get out of that old winter funk soon. :-)

  3. Hello Martha! We have many parades here....I don't go to any of them...I can't stand moon pies...never did like those things. I sound like a grouch! :)

  4. Never been able to get a comment on more try....So good to see a post! I am with over winter.....and agree with Lori....inspire us! What pattern is your guild using? I have set lofty wee care goals this year.

  5. What IS a moon pie?
    off to google it.


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