Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas at our house

I have talked before of the blog surfing sickness. Well I have it. And I have an advanced case I think. And one of the most critical symptoms is not being able to find a blog again after you leave it. I came across a blog that had a tutorial on mantle garland. Hers looks loads better than mine I think. Of course since I can't find it again it could be a memory problem. Maybe mine looks just as good as hers and I don't know it! It was a lot of fun to do.

The picture above is the end result. One thing I love about this picture is not only the garland but the glare of SUNSHINE. We haven't seen sunshine except for a brief 10 minutes on Friday in weeks. Weeks. So while it might be bitter cold outside, 8 degrees, the sun is shining and the sky is blue.

Back to the garland, the picture below is just one side. The goal is to add to the garland and add to it until it will hold no more. I probably could have added more to mine if I had tried, but since I didn't want to glue anything into I was afraid it had reached its holding capacity.

Here is a glimpse from our tree. Why don't the light cords fade into the background when you take a picture the way they seem to when you are admiring the tree? Oh well I digress as usual. This is just a tiny portion of the tree. Our tree is like the garland, it is added to and added to until it can hold no more. I am an excessive personality in case you hadn't caught that drift yet. But I love my tree. I miss the tinsel, but other than that I love it. In this small snapshot I can see 40 plus years. There are a couple of ornaments that hung on my tree as a child and teenager at home. There is a teddy bear sporting a yellow bow that I bought on a Sunday afternoon when DH and I had left our oldest child with a babysitter the first time. There is a glob of glitter and cardboard my son made in boy scouts, there is the toy soldier my best friend made years ago, there is a needle pointed Santa my mother made when I had just two children. I see a "vacation" ornament from a trip DH and I took to Myrtle Beach SC a couple of years ago. There is a cardinal I just purchased this year while visiting my daughter for Thanksgiving. I see a Madame Alexander ornament by Hallmark that is part of the collection for my youngest daughter. And then I see a couple of the Lenox ornaments I have collected for several years.

If you have read this far you are a glutton for punishment or a relative. :) I hope you enjoy your tree as much as we do. Every year my husband says, "I think this is the prettiest tree we have ever had." And then he recounts past trees and what he liked about them.

I am off to get the rest of Christmas out. The nativity hasn't been put up yet. Then I have a few more jobs to do and Christmas will be "ready."

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  1. That is really pretty mom.
    I still love those red lights- props to dad for that great idea.


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