Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pin stitching

Designdreamer asked if the pin stitching done on the bunny jacket was done by hand. Yes and no. I am a firm believer as I have said before, that it doesn't matter how you get to Cleveland as long as you get there. I want the pin stitching to look even and uniform. But I don't want to belabor over it. So I cheat. First I stitch the pin stitching on my machine that is threaded with Wash A Way Thread.

I stitch with a large needle, a Schmetz 100 or 110 sized needle with the Wash A Way, then go back by hand and stitch in and out of the same holes. I get the hand look with the precision of the machine doing all of the measuring for me. There is more than one way to skin a cat! Thanks for your questions and comments. Edited to add that when I wash the garment, the initial stitching done with the Wash A Way thread dissolves leaving just the hand stitching behind.


  1. That is pure genius Martha! Thank you!!

  2. Hi Martha! I enjoy your blog and your tips. Keep up the good work! I love hand pinstitching, but I may have to try this method!

  3. Well, I've heard it all now. What a great idea! I'm gonna have to try that one.

  4. Wash away thread.... hmmmm seems I heard a story about using that....

  5. Oooooo! Great Idea!


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