Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bookworm award!

I have been awarded the Bookworm award by Missy at The Little Things in Life. Thank you Missy. This little award made me laugh at first. You see the rules are not difficult, brainiac, high brow or lofty. They are:

  1. Pick up the closest book you can lay your hand on.
  2. Turn to Page 56
  3. Find the 5th sentence,
  4. Type out that sentence in your blog post.
  5. Pass it on to five people
Now what was funny about that you ask? Well the closest book to me was on the desk to my right where my "brain" folder etc from our daughter's weddings are waiting for the last daughter to get married. Well there was a book in there. Wedding Papercrafts. I turned to page 56 and what do I find? There was only 4 sentences on the page! So I had to cheat right out of the box and choose my second book. It is a bit more impressive unless you knew that it was close at hand because I have spent the past 3 hours clearing the mountain off the desk, so it was uncovered waiting to be put away.
Here we go:

Journey of the Soul
by Doris Klein, CSA

"While it does not make sense to our linear mind, we are invited to trust in the merciful God who supports us in this suspended place, giving us all we need to lift the wings of our heart."

At least it was a long sentence to make up for the non existent one in the first book. I hope you have better luck. So for fun I will pass this onto

Cheryl at Time Really Does Fly
Robin, a new blogger, at Sew It Snows
Cindy at Sew Blessed
Jane at Northern Exposure with a Southern Twist
and my daughter, (she felt left out last time) at No Really We are Still Trying to Get Pregnant. She might be sorry.

It will be interesting to see the books close at hand for other people.


  1. Now I aint got that many people who even know about my blog... guess I need to get off my duff... oh, that is right, I am sick! :)

  2. WOW, you have 'deeper' books laying around than I do. When I looked around and saw that Spiderwick book sitting there I though, 'Oh no!' I looked around some more, but it was the closest one. Really the only one by me. I guess I could have cheated and walked across the room where I had Secret Garden, Little Women, and a collection of Charles Dickens sitting on the Piano. Sigh.

  3. Thanks to me are 6th and 7th grade school books - this should be interesting :))

  4. Love your post! So, funny and then the quote was wonderful!


  5. Thanks Martha. I'm a little late...but I appreciate you thinking of me!!! I don't even see any books around me...but I'll find one I am sure!!!


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