Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to our beautiful girl!

Hard to believe, 27 years ago #2 daughter was born. She was our miracle baby, but after many months in bed and countless doctors visits, she was kind enough to also be our "banker baby". First contraction at 9 she was born at 3:30. No one lost any sleep and it was a beautiful crisp November day. If only raising children as a whole were that easy. Seriously I wouldn't trade a moment.

And of course to go back to the subject always at hand, this was the first thing I smocked for her. It was a BIG 3 pattern done on Poly/cotton Dan River gingham. You picked up the squares to stitch the smocking.

The stitches are wonky, I can't even discern what the blue flowers are stitched in and no piping, but I loved this little dress; this is one of my favorite pictures of her. Taken at a photographer's booth at the only grocery store of the tiny town we lived in at the time. LOL.

For First Communion I had planned that all of my girls would wear the same dress. The dress I made for her older sister. Sometimes the best laid plans just don't work. So a new dress was made. From Mimi Turner's French Dress by Martha Pullen, she thought she was so grown up.

She even let me smock her prom dress. I can't seem to lay my hands on that picture right now. Instead this her celebrating the day she graduated from high school.

And the day she got married. A beautiful bride. Happy birthday baby girl. I love being your mom.


  1. Apparently the bedrest worked- she is a big baby!

    Can we discuss that shirt mom?

  2. I can be nice and still question your early 80's fashion choices.

    Okay, let's all laugh that I'm passing myself off as a fashion guru!

  3. "It was a BIG 3 pattern done on Poly/cotton Dan River gingham. You picked up the squares to stitch the smocking."

    Goodness! I've never heard of smocking this way. I do love the little dress. So glad you posted pictures to illustrate.


  4. I think that smocked dress was posted on the board one time.... was it red???

  5. It was red. I am sure I did post pics at one time.


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