Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh you shouldn't have...

But I am glad you did! Look what I got!

My stitching friend Missy gave me this. Visit her blog. She is not only a stitcher par excellence, she is a fantastic photographer and an avid blogger. Thank you Missy!

Now the challenge is to pass this gift along to 6 others. How to choose; how to choose. I will point you in the direction of other sewists that inspire me.

  1. Cheryl, at Time Really Does Fly. I want to be Cheryl when I grow up. She is a wonderful sewist whose creations always make me smile and strive to do better. Her thoughts about faith, family and life always inspire me to say nothing of her exquisite stitching. And check out her Etsy shop. I still love my ironing board cover, it is so pretty.
  2. Cindy at Sew Blessed. Not only do I love checking in on her precious projects but peeks of her growing family always make me smile. Cindy has recently begun teaching for her local SAGA chapter as well as in her local area. She is helping keep this art form of smocking and heirloom sewing alive.
  3. Erica at Erica B's DIY Style. Another place I haunt. I don't know Erica except by her prolific and stylish sewing. Her things are fantastic and she can sew circles around most anyone. Plus I have great admiration for anyone who sews for themselves and then wears them. Something I refuse to do. I don't know about you but I have a ritual of places I go evertime I sit down to the computer, email, the bank, Delphi Heirloom Sewing and Smocking and then onto my blog list. Erica's is always top of my list to check on everyday.
  4. Another stop on my morning ritual is Bunny at La Sewista. Bunny is not only a smocker and sewist, she has a a wonderful modern twist on smocking that I love. She likes to incorporate smocking in new and unusual ways. She recently even entered a super art piece bag into a competition sponsored by Robert Kaufman fabrics. Her bag has been selected to travel the country as part of their Quilt Quest 2008 Collection. Congrats Bunny!
  5. If ever there was someone who was an inspiration to take my sewing skills to a new level it is Tany at Couture et Tricot. All I can say is WOW and thank heaven for online translators. Tany is Portugese but I don't care where she lives, her sewing is out of this world. I don't know that I will ever have the courage and endurance to attempt the tailoring she does, but it is awesome. The precision produces results we can only dream of.
  6. And last but not least, I chose Anna at the Pleasant View Schoolhouse. Mainly because it seems like such a calm quiet spot to rest. Her blog has such a retro 50's feel to it. Her life is probably as crazy as everyone else's but when I stop by her blog I always get a sense of days gone by; quiet, cool, shady porch swings and clean sheets drying in the breeze. If I still cooked and cleaned and I would make myself one of those 50's aprons she has made. Not sure they would look as Donna Reed on me as they do on her though.
So those are some of the places I visit. I hope you will visit them too. Thanks for all of you who do visit and don't forget to comment, I love me some comment you know. LOL


  1. Thank you so very much! I'm headed out the door for a grocery shopping trip and will be back here soon! :)

  2. Oh good choices! Very good choices! :-)

  3. Thanks Martha!!! You are so sweet to put me in the same league as these other wonderful and talented ladies!!!

  4. HELLO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I'm hurt lady.


  5. Thanks so much, Martha. Your kind words "do a heart good."


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