Sunday, September 14, 2008

Houston, we have a sock!

I didn't say "a pair of socks"; I said "a sock." While visiting my oldest daughter a few weeks ago we had to, of course, go to a craft store. You never know what you may find. As we were browsing and bumming, bumming and browsing, she expressed an interest in learning how to knit socks. Well leave it to me to run with it. Before you know it we had 2 sets each of double pointed needles and 3 balls of sock yarn. We won't even mention the danger present in double pointed needles. If nothing else we had lots of laughs as we tried to find a free pattern on the internet that matched the materials I had bought. (There wasn't a lot of planning that went into this endeavor.) And the sore shoulders from tensely trying to follow the directions. My daughter kept saying "Isn't this supposed to be relaxing?"

I have knitted, very basically, but this was a bit more challenging. I now know why pioneer families treasured such items. It takes weeks to make a pair! No wonder they were lucky to have more than one pair per person. So here is my sock. Now do I have the stamina to make its mate? Or will I just let my feet take turns being cozy? This is as close a picture as you are going to get. And thank goodness it was a multicolored yarn. It covers up the mistakes. Now I am not sure I am good enough to be able to repeat the same mistakes when I make the second one. When I am smocking a geometric plate, if I skip a stitch, unless it is glaring I just repeat the same glitch all the way down the design. Now of course if it is dead center, or hugely apparent I wouldn't do that but for a run of the mill occurence, there you have it, a confession. But I have been smocking for almost 25 years. I have only knitted one sock. So my experience it a bit narrow. So here is hoping that the next one at least looks like it matches.


  1. That turned out so cute mom!!!!!!

    Although I'm not a fan of the color scheme I do like how the pattern turned out.

    You'll finish the second one before I even have a cuff (although I don't think mine is going to be as tall) on my first one. boo hoo

  2. Love the sock! Can't wait to see the other one! And they are suppose to be different because that is what makes them unique!


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