Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not much sewing this week

I have been painting dress and bonnet stands and knitting on my lonely sock's companion instead. My feet are getting tired of sharing only one sock. And you don't want to show favoritism so you have to keep track of how long each foot gets to wear the sock. The first sock could be worn out before the second one is finished. That could open up a whole new host of problems.

Less than a month until SAGA convention. I am getting excited. Have lots and lots to do before then as usual.

Random child comments from this week

Phone rings around 10 pm Thursday evening,
Mom: "Hello"
Baby Daughter: "Mom! I met my husband!"
Mom: "Oh? And what is your husband's name?"
Baby Daughter: "Chad. He's delicious mom."

Next day an email arrives from Baby Daughter, with only this text;
"My husband has a girlfriend. Men are pigs."

And people wonder why I am a touch off. You truly need a score card around here to keep up.


    ::big breath::

    Why does she always go for the married/girlfriend ones?


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