Sunday, July 20, 2008

When do we leave?

How exciting! I must be "official"; I have a passport. Now I know for the masses this would be no big deal, but I am excited. Its kind of like when you were a kid and you couldn't wait to check out the new phone book to see if you were in it. (I know I am a simple person.) I have never been outside the country, except for one Saturday spent driving to Lethbridge, Alberta Canada when we were stationed in Montana. It looked no different than Great Falls. I was disappointed. While our children were growing up we never had the money or time to travel. We were too busy raising a young family and eating peanut butter to send them to Catholic schools and then college. We have no plans yet except to make plans. Plus my husband is self employed and has considered accepting an overseas contract. Now we are set, I can go too.

Where would I like to go? Europe tops my list. Australia is next, then Japan. I will go just about anywhere really, just to say I have been. We all have regrets in life and one of mine is that while our best friends were stationed in Germany that we didn't go to Europe while they were there. I didn't want to go without the kids and we couldn't afford for all of us to go. We had 2 in college and 2 in high school at the time. That is 4 tuitions to pay, so I was stubborn and wouldn't go without them. In retrospect now seems silly. Both of those older girls went abroad for their honeymoons and had no regret over not taking their mother! I know, you're not supposed to go with them on their honeymoon, but still.

FYI, if you need a passport in a hurry this must be the time of year to do it. Ours came within a week without paying the extra rush fee. Imagine our surprise. At first I thought when my husband's came that it was because he had an expired passport. Well shabamm! Mine was in the mailbox the next day. So unless you need a guarantee of having it asap, don't pay the extra fee.


  1. Let's see....I'd like to go to Rome...Lourdes...Paris...Greece...oh, I could make a nice long list of where I'd like to go. :)

  2. You could have gone with us...


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