Monday, April 18, 2016

Time to Take a Tour

No need to find your passport, wear a name tag, put your luggage outside your room or board a bus, but it is time for a tour.

You may have noticed that things are looking a little different around here. It was time for a change. Not a lot has changed, mostly just the look of the place.

First I want to thank Erika over at Designer Blogs.  Her patience and creativity are much appreciated. I would recommend both Designer Blogs and Erika.

I lurve my new header/logo. So fresh and girly looking. And let me tell you, watercolor clip art is a whole 'nother obsession where you can find yourself losing your way down a rabbit hole. What fun though.  A great starting point is Etsy. Just search "watercolor clip art". Wow!

I also love my new signature. Thanks Erika!

The biggest change is that the whole place is cleaner and less cluttered. To that end a few familiar things have moved.

Moving the lists off of the side bar meant they had to go somewhere. I love visiting other blogs and I was certainly not going to take the tutorials away. They have gone to "pages" that you will find at the top of the screen below the logo.

Here is where you will find the blog lists that used to be to your right. Now there is a change that happens in blogger when you place those links on a page as opposed to as a widget along the side of the home screen. In the widget it automatically places the blog with the most recent update at the top of the list and as each blogs posts the links become listed in order of last post. Not so on a page. So the links are all there, with a photo/logo above each link. Those links will not relist in order of most recent posts though. Sorry. There are a few links that there was not a title/photo/logo associated with that blog. The title is still linked but it appears to be just a line of text. No they aren't step children, they just didn't have an associated logo I could place there.

Way down the side bar previously was a short list that was titled "FYI". I have renamed that Resources and as I find new sites that I think would be useful, they will be listed here. If you know of one I have missed, let me know.

And most importantly, the Tutorials are list on their own page as well. It was kind of amazing to realize how awful some of those early photos were and several were not watermarked. In the coming months I will try to upgrade some of those photos. The early ones were take with an Olympus point and shoot camera with terrible light and color balance.

The about me page doesn't contain anything new but you will find pics of a few of my favorite treasures.

I hope this answers your questions. Don't forget to come back often and I hope you keep stitching, faithful reader.


  1. It's just beautiful. Thanks for showing us where everything is now.

  2. Thank you for the grand tour. I like the new look. Love the photo of you too. And I'm glad your back.

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