Sunday, April 17, 2016


Lest anyone should think that the baseball curse of 2015 has occurred again, no the pollen curse of 2016 is upon me. I am a long time sufferer of epic hay-fever.  Ever since grade school, spring with all its colors, song birds and breezes are torture. And it is better than it used to be due to a two year course of wicked shots a few years ago.  At least now I don't end up on steroids every year.

While spring may evoke images of rolling in the grassy meadow for some, (please God, no!)

This is me instead. While my neighbors are throwing open their windows to the warm spring breezes we have enjoyed, this place is battened down like Fort Knox for fear one tiny molecule of pollen might wiggle through the cracks around the windows. We go straight from furnace to a/c around here.

This is pretty much how you will find me. I never know how long the "season" will last each year. It varies.  I will try to rise up and sew in the coming days but I am making no promises.


  1. Same here. Does misery love company? I'd rather neither one of us had to deal with this!

  2. I have been sneezing and nursing a major headache, thanks to pollen here. Unfortunately, dogs still need to be taken outside or walked. They have no sympathy for red eyes and a runny nose. Feel better soon!

  3. Sounds like my house but I am stocking up on meds and opening windows. The cabin fever needs relief too.

  4. I am so sorry for you, Martha, but thank you so much for posting, even in the midst of your suffering....I was beginning to be afraid that your last post was going to be just that, till next don't realize how much your beautiful sewing keeps some of us going! God bless and keep you.


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