Sunday, September 7, 2014

I Hear You!

After an embarrassing number of emails asking "Where are you?" I knew I had to take a minute to post. Thank you all for worrying about and missing me. I promise I have been sewing, I just have not had a moment to tell you about it.

Since my last post I have driven 2,105 miles, flown on 5 different airplanes covering the same number of miles a second time, celebrated a birthday, hosted a couple's bridal shower for 35, held "Camp Mimi" for three of the cutest campers you ever saw, painted a laundry room and bathroom, celebrated a first haircut as well as a first day of school, sewn countless hours, cleaned and straightened my stash closet as well as cooked and done laundry. Yes, I am tired but I am sure no more tired than anyone else. Just meeting myself coming and going.

I am getting ready to hit the road again soon. This time I will only cover 1,600 miles. The hard life, what can I say? No, it is not, its just the life I have right now.

Before I hit the road again, I do have several posts to share with you. I will leave you with a cutie modeling her birthday dress. The cherry dress for her and Bitty.Baby. were a big hit.


  1. Happy to see what you are out and about doing !

  2. Wonderful to know that you are busy and hustling about. Had some concern because of your absence. When you get done, come do my house!! LOL

  3. Safe travels, see you next week !!!


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