Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Quick Lil' Sumthin'

Do you know how sometimes something becomes unavoidable? Well that was my stash closet in my sewing room one day. I reached for something and the shelf came out of the wall. I had been digging and re-stacking things in there for months. Of course things like this happen when you have no time to deal with them. This was no different. So with the shelf out of the wall and all of its contents in the floor I had no choice but to straighten it up.

Unfortunately this is one of those situations like when you reach up to clean one spot on the window above the kitchen sink, the next thing you know you have washed all the windows, taken down all the curtains and don't know how it got be dinner time when you weren't looking. Picking up the fabric from one shelf that fell became straighten up every shelf!

The top picture was the ensuing mess that needed to be addressed after I drug it all out and cleared the floor of the closet.

There is ALWAYS a silver lining to every catastrophe. In dragging out the mess and clearing the closet floor, I unearthed a set of blanks I had bought a few of years ago from Sew Beautiful. It was a bib, a burp cloth and receiving blanket. Treasure!

Since we have a sweet new Punkin' Pie on the way, I quickly stitched them up to take with me when I made one of those trips south to help paint my pregnant daughter's new house. Excuse the lousy cell phone picture, I gave them away before I could get proper photos taken. Punkin's nursery is going to have a flamingo theme. Do you know how hard it is to find flamingoes that aren't either too grown up, or too cartoony looking. I settled on this simple design from Embroidery Library. The font is Santa's Sleigh from Jolson's.

So my not so good day did unearth a treasure to be quickly stitched for our new girl arriving soon. See I told you I had been sewing.


  1. So nothing has fallen in my sewing room and it looks like your floor. I guess that's what happens when you ransack it getting ready for SAGA...

  2. Now that's a sweet silver lining!

  3. Martha, go to www.sewmag.co.uk for a lovely pattern (free) for Flossie Flamingo. Lovely for the new baby.

    From another Grandmother of five under six years! X Christine


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