Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Birthday, Peanut

It has been quite a year, little man! It has flown by. We started the year with champagne. (Mom was a brand new mommy here, she only took a teeny sip, she would probably chug a magnum these days! :) )

What a treasure to bring home.

And who could resist kissing those sweet baby toes.

You quickly grew,

and grew,

and grew,

and grew some more.

You learned so many new things.

Your birthday was almost here,

when we found out another surprise, you are going to be a big brother. Baby sister is due in the fall.

You are ready to walk into a new year and new adventures. Happy Birthday precious boy!

And because we know I love to...


  1. Happy Birthday to Peanut! What a well-dressed young lad! Are you going to have your hands full! Better put turbo chargers on your needles!! You are blessed.

  2. Love the penguins, but nothing could be cuter than Peanut! Enjoy celebrating this milestone. Time passes way too quickly with these little ones.

  3. Peanut is darling - and irresistible in his Mimi mades. Happy birthday, Peanut!

  4. Happy Birthday Harrison !!! Love the pic with the dog, so sweet !!!


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