Thursday, June 26, 2014

Be Inspired by Dior

A friend posted one of these on her FB page. It made me go look for others. Amazing attention to detail with a mesmerizing result. Not sure the videos will show on a mobile device. It is so worth watching on a desktop. It takes playing with dolls to a whole new level.

I would love to have the dies you see in this one that they make the flowers out of. Don't you know these silk flowers outshine the ones you would find at Hobby Lobby.

Not sure which one is more beautiful. I loved watching her embroider the skirt with what looks like a tambour needle.



  1. Great minds and all! After seeing the first one posted by our mutual friend, I also went searching for more. Should have just come here, instead! It was fascinating to watch those flowers be made. We are never to old to play with dolls!

  2. Wow !! I wonder if it will be a travelling exhibit, an awful lot of works for a one time showing.


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