Friday, May 16, 2014

The Last of the Easter Sewing

The last of Easter for this year. Its still the Easter season! We have until Pentecost to celebrate all that is Easter. I am fortunate enough to belong to a local SAGA chapter that hosts a teacher once or twice a year. Lately it has been twice a year. Last fall we hosted Gail Doane. She taught a class I have long wanted to take, Primrose.

It is the cover garment on Country Bumpkin's Beautiful Bishops book. I love this little set. Even if it did about do me in.

I was fortunate enough to be able to stitch this in blue and pink as opposed to the white with yellow for our our blonde, blue eyed girl. The collar really does lie down in person, my mannequin has a neck issue I guess.

She has just woken up from a quick nap in the warm car ride home from mass Easter morning, but you can see the collar does lie flat. Her fairy wand firmly clutched in her hand. The fabric is Swiss voile so even though she had just gotten out of a carseat it is not nearly as wrinkled as Swiss batiste would be. I am not sure what it is about voile that makes it less resistant to wrinkles, but I will take it.

I didn't realize until AFTER Easter that I had left the thread marking the center in place. You can see the yellow shadow. No secrets here! I had blogged before about those rayon cast-on pansies here. The ones on the jacket look much better than the ones on the bishop. It never did get the bows done on the bishop. If you enlarge this picture you can see that some of my pansies looks as if someone stepped on them. The mistake I made was trying to tack down the petals as I went instead of when I had finished the flower. So it splayed some of my flowers. I am going with the galloping horse theory here. I will say that if you want to improve your cast-on stitches do 100+ of them in rayon. When you go back to cotton they will seem like a breeze!

This design is beautiful and classic in its simplicity, but don't let its simplicity trick you into thinking quick. Not true! But I love it. She loved it. All were happy. And I adore the blue with pink.

The hem has something else I love, tucks.

The jacket also features lots of tucks on the front and back. I realized I neglected to take a picture of the back. It is a small miracle that the fabric of the left front of the jacket is intact. Because a mind is a terrible thing to lose, the tucks on the left front were done and re-done four times. Yes you read that right, four times. I about lost what was left of my mind. There are also tucks down the center sleeves. I didn't do a very good job of photos taking this time, did I?

All in all even though it took many more hours to complete than expected, seeing it on Princess made it worth it. Again clutching her fairy princess wand. 

That concludes the Easter stitching for this year. Happy Easter!

Next up in the sewing room, Young Master's First Birthday is next month. Here comes Peter Cottontail, again! This time I am stitching Gwen Milner's Revised Version from Sew Beautiful Issue #152.

Until next time, faithful reader. Keep on stitching.


  1. Beautiful as always! Thank you for sharing your beautiful sewing.

  2. Ooh the dress and jacket are beautiful. I love all of the extra details. I made Peter Cottontail from sew beautiful for my son for Easter. I love the way it turned out. It is the first time I have made a shirt and Jon Jon outfit. I'm kind of new to smocking. You actually gave me a recomendation for smocking lessons in St. Louis so thank you!

  3. Beautiful! And wonderful that your grands will wear what you sew :-)

  4. Lots of work in that little ensemble. Tucks look so simple to do and they are anything but...the result is beautiful !! I hope you get many more little grandgirls to wear it.

  5. Love it Martha! I saw Gail's outfit on the rack at our classes this winter and it was love at first sight. Your princess is getting so big and looks just darling in your ensemble. Have fun birthday sewing!


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