Monday, May 12, 2014

Easter Sewing-Verse II


More Easter. Don't love those little blue hands in the background? Two years old aren't really versed in the fine nuances of dying Easter eggs. They don't finesse them when they are hunting them in the yard either. "Craaaack" was heard on several occasions. That is okay. He had fun.

Once again when looking for something else, I found what I wanted to make for Wildman this year. It is a Cindy Foose design called poetically enough, Raglan Sleeve Boy's Shirt. It works.

It came from an old issue of Creative Needle again. Seems to be a trend. This is a great issue.

It is made from Imperial Broadcloth for the shirt and shorts lining, the shorts are a 100% cotton broadcloth. Both from the stash closet. I love the French bias trim on the collar, sleeves and cuffs. As well as the doubled up buttons. Though his mother wasn't too fond of those doubled up buttons. I think they are cute.

The shorts are Children's Corner Michael. I like the flat front waistband though I did have a bit of a fiddly time with the back waistband.

I used buttonhole elastic in the back of the pants. It allows the waistband to fit more snugly for a skinny little Wildman. Tall and lean like his Dad. It is available at many online retailers. I was not able to find it locally. 

It is tough to get a decent picture of a boy that never stops moving. Here he has begun to dig in the planters at the mall and his shirt tail is hanging out. They have spotted the train so 4 full size adults will cram their way into teeny tiny train cars. And look excited about it.

Two year old "fits" are in full swing. I don't remember what sin against mankind had been committed here but he was not happy. Look at the size of those feet! His parents are going to have to take out a loan to keep him shoes.

More Easter on the way.....

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  1. Love that shirt, you don't see raglan sleeves much in sewing patterns. Sure beats setting in sleeves.


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