Monday, February 3, 2014

The View is Best from the Top of the Bus

Fabric Finders Inc.

Wildman, like any other little boy, LOVES vehicles of any kind. He REALLY loves buses, double decker buses to be exact. I was quite excited when I spotted this on Fabric Finder's site. The challenge then was to find a retailer who had it. As luck would have it, Chadwick Heirlooms had some. I ordered it lickety-split. Fabric Finder's featherwale corduroy is yummy to work with. So soft with a great drape and comes out of the dryer with hardly a wrinkle.

I couldn't make something for Wildman without a matching something for Princess. My days are numbered in the matching Brother/Sister department so I am taking full advantage while I can.

The patterns used are all Children's Corner. Louise, which I had never made even though I have had the pattern for 20 years. I used the included blouse pattern but substituted the sleeve from Hattie. A little less 90's looking. I do love the length of the blouse though. And Parker's Pants for Wildman. You can see from the tag, his shirt is purchased. I will admit that blouse and jumper made me sad. It is way too old looking for my baby girl. She can not be that big. She just can't. And I am not a fan of that big boy look for Wildman either. They grow up too fast.

I used a scrap of a cotton windowpane check for the blouse. It too may be Fabric Finders, but I am not sure.  I found a hunk with small scraps in the closet. I made a size 4.

I even refrained from piping the jumper. Truth be told, I didn't have enough fabric of the windowpane to even squeeze out pieced piping. Look at that collar! I finally worked up enough courage to try and draft my own collar.

If you ever get a chance to take this class from Gail Doane, run, don't walk! I have taken it twice and would take it again. I learn something new every time. As I said, I finally had the courage to try drafting my own.  There are still some "issues" with my collar but I am not pointing them out. I will let you see if you can figure it out. I am on a quest to perfect my collars. Nothing ruins a garment than a wonky collar. I digress. As usual.

A cautionary tale. I love this corduroy as I said, but be careful when laying out your pattern. Sometimes the embroidered motifs can be off a tad. I paid attention when I laid out the side of the fabric I could see, but didn't realize that the back was off a smidge. Subsequently, the buses end up in the seam line on the back. I was able to keep the buses out of my tucks on the skirt. Not a tragedy but something to be aware of. It won't keep her from wearing it when they visit the UK. The back bodices do lay flat when it is off the mannequin. My mannequin is a teeny bit broader in the chest than my size 4 jumper.

Yet another pair of Parker's Pants. I think this pattern is going to become as much a staple as Lucy, It takes longer to cut the pattern out than it does to sew them up and for my skinny little man, they fit great. These are a size 2. If I were a loving Mimi, (we already know I am not) I would have put belt loops on the pants. Didn't happen. He will love his buses but his Mimi is going back to a button on or jon-jon for Easter. Not ready for him to be a big boy yet.

I have my eggs, milk and bread for the next onslaught of winter tomorrow. I hope winter is being kinder to you faithful reader. I am so over it. Surely these will bloom again. This was taken at the Biltmore Estate several years ago.


  1. Absolutely love this and agree with you about Gail Doane classes. Look forward to learning more about your perfect collars too!

  2. Love, love, love! Hardly seems possible that the princess can wear a size 4!! I've got to get to work if they grow up that fast. Though by the time I get any they'll probably be complaining about those 20-teen sleeves!
    We're waiting for snowcapylse #2 as well. Even though I'm more of a homebody than not, I'm getting sick of it.

  3. Adorable and excellent. The dress suits royalty to a "T," and princely britches rule. Definitely inspires me. My new machine and I will be working on my very first Anita Goodesign project. I'm such a novice. My deepest bow to the Southern Matriarch.

  4. Just so adorable, Martha! Thanks for the commentary!

  5. Cute as can be, very regal !!! I'm rather partial to doubledeckers myself.

  6. Darling outfits! As much as I love those particular mannequins, they will be even more delightful on the real Princess and Wildman! I believe the fabric is one of Spechler-Vogel's Primary Classics windowpanes. You and Gail both rock!

  7. Darlling outfits once again !!! I am sure they turn heads wherever they go. I love the Louise pattern and have used it from size 2 up to 10.

  8. These are just adorable! Love the puffed sleeves on Princess' blouse and the cute little busses. I can hardly believe that you made Princess a size 4 and that Wildman is wearing such a grown-up look! Where does the time go?!

  9. Too cute! Just right for a trip to London!

  10. Very very cute! I love the fabric finders embroidered fabrics. You are right. It's almost impossible not to end up with one of those embroideries in a seam.

  11. i love the matching out class fitting and so cute round collar dress shirt


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