Thursday, February 6, 2014


This post is a case for fabric stashing. Not that I am advocating that. I too need to sew down that stash. Badly. That being said, this fabric is delightful and no longer available.

It is a Sea Island cotton knit print. Sea Island knit is still available from Spechler-Vogel, just not in prints. I bought this when BessieMary had their closing sale. The print is teddy bear princesses. What three and half year old doesn't love princesses? Excuse the bow, it is jut pinned on at this point. I have since stitched it down.

Children's Corner 

This is the same pattern I used for her Christmas nightie. Children's Corner Jane. That was such a success I thought why not try it in a knit.

My intention had been to do a rolled hem on the serger with pink wooly nylon thread. Didn't work out the way I intended so I turned the hem up again and stitched it with a double needle instead. The ripple is intentional. Good thing since it was going to ripple to some extent no matter what I did. It looks and feels comfy, I hope Princess agrees. This pattern is such a winner I have several other ideas in mind.


  1. Love the nightie! That is gorgeous fabric for sewing. Used it for Nate and Julia's layette. Used to come in blue bears also, with honey pots instead of princess

  2. Darling nightie! I generally am afraid of knits. I have some in my stash, but I just need to get my courage up to sew them.

  3. Lovely nightie. I must try something like this for our little bundle.

  4. When sewing with knits, is there a specific foot or needle you use? So Sweet! Thanks!

  5. No I didn't use any special feet. I did serge the seams but that is not a requirement either.


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