Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time for SAGA Convention

It is that time again. Time for my annual  pajama stitching party. Complete with fun, laughter, learning and most of all, friends. The laundry is done, reno is closing in on being complete, kids all know the mantra, "no emergencies allowed" and bags are almost packed. Ready to go.

I am taking

  • Perfect Bullion class with Susan O'Connor. Bullions can always use a refresher course. 
  • Then I am taking two classes from Jeannie Baumeister. Two Lovely Openwork Stitches and Miss Buford's Bonnet
  • Lastly, Judith Adams Elegant Ultimate Pincushion. A smocking class. Yes I know how to smock, but there is always a new little nugget to learn.
I hope to come home refreshed and inspired. I am sure I will. 

In the past I have talked about the vast number of raffle baskets at convention. It is the big money maker for SAGA that funds their education grant program to aide chapters in holding workshops. My local chapter always sends a basket. This year is a repeat of the well received basket we sent last year. It is a collection of coordinating sewing room accessories. I posted about this same accessory last year here. A quick and fun gift for a sewing friend.

A close up of the embroidered pockets on the front. I used designs from Embroidery Library. It is much cuter in person. I love the fabrics even though on my screen the polka dots come out much more avocado than it really is.

When I return it will onto drapery making before I can finish up Christmas sewing/shopping. This is a sneak peek of my draperies to come. I love the crewel inspired print. The beauty of crewel work without the time spent. As a matter of fact my new rooms were built around this print. Good thing I love it.


  1. The fabric is exquisite.
    Please do share your drapes. I would love to see what design you choose to highlight this wonderful fabric.

  2. I would love to know the manufacturer of the drapery fabric - that is gorgeous and would work well in my dining room! :)


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